Day 23 – Adding the WOW factor!

are here and everywhere we go, we see lights, decorations and music.
Some may think it’s a little extreme but for the other bunch, it gets us
really excited! Today I want to show you a few creative ways to attract
your guests and get them excited about grabbing good foods instead of
the bowl of caramel popcorn or the glass jar filled with chocolates.
It’s very important to create a good ambiance for your guests when you
are hosting the holiday get-together. We have all attended a few that
were great and as expected, we have all tried to copy what worked

One of my personal discoveries…

So, today I will show you one of my personal discoveries; how to present your veggies and create the WOW factor!


My mother is the
hostess with the most-ess… a real party queen of a host! She always
takes the time to make little cards with everyone’s names to put on the
table beside their plate. Each person has a glass with a little pendant
to identify which is theirs. She always has the right holiday music, the
huge decorations, centerpieces to die for and we all love it when it is
her turn to host the party! She has shown me many ways to take some of
the simplest things and turn them into something amazing… and it
always gets the conversations started! Over the years, even the small
gestures she did have remained vivid in my memory and they will be
etched in there forever! They have made a huge difference in how we
celebrate as a family. That’s why today I am sharing these food
decoration tips with you.


By the way, my
mother did the IP protocol. She is a phase 4 graduate now and is doing
great in maintenance. She has changed some of her buffet styles over the
years and now we look forward to the delicious veggie buffet. YEP,
Veggie BUFFET! Even if we have the usual holiday foods as well, the
veggies are so pretty that you just keep going back for more!


As you can see in the picture, it’s beautiful yet simple. Making
art out of food doesn’t mean you need to take classes and learn how to
carve a wildflower with your tomatoes! You just need a little time to
put it together. As you can see, glasses can be used for dipping sauce
and vases for the veggies. This is fun, attractive and clean! Add a few
bows or ribbons and some candles and voila it’s done! You can even get
the glass jars at the dollar store!


For those who are
attending a party rather than hosting one, here is a fabulous way to
bring something healthy but fun and good all at once! Just cut up some
of your favorite veggies, add your walden farm dressing at the bottom of
little cups and fill them with the veggies. Serve your cups on a gold
platter and voila! Looks great and trust me, these will be gone fast! This is so simple and easy to make, and everyone gets their own portion!

Remember that staying on protocol during the holidays will help
you reach your goal faster… And without compromising your ketosis you
will save yourself having to go through the dreadful symptoms of those
first few days.

Phase 4 tip…


Being able to eat whatever
food you want on a fun day is such a pleasure isn’t it? But that
doesn’t mean NOT eating anything healthy!  Don’t forget that you are
what you absorb and if you eat some good healthy foods, you are giving
your body the gift of nutritional abundance! That gift keeps on giving!
You will stay more alert, less stressed out and not feel like you need
to roll yourself out of the room lol. You will also avoid feeling like
you are hung over from a carb overload!

want to personally wish you the best holidays ever! If you are dieting
this year, know that the gift of health is priceless. All your loved
ones appreciate the extra years you will get to spend with them in good
health! Enjoy your parties and stay “Food-Wise”!  


Happy Holidays, 
Carolyne Sauvé
Food-Wise Weight Loss  

PS: if you have little ones, this last veggie/fruit platter set up is for you


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