Day 4 – The Power of Laughter!

For most of us, Christmas
Holidays mean Christmas music, Christmas lights and Christmas spirit, which
definitely include smiley faces and tons of laughter

We’ve often heard
that laughter is the best remedy for the soul. Its “magical” power   alleviates depression, sadness and can
dissipate the feeling of isolation. It is mightier than anger and can soften
the stiffest person at your Christmas party. This human phenomenon is an
incredible muscle relaxant, an immune system enhancer and the most reliable
means to turn a mishap into a humoristic event. Once laughter has taken control
over you, there is nowhere to hide; you and everybody around you will be under
its spell until the last man (or woman or child) can’t laugh anymore.

Do you remember one
of those moments when you just couldn’t stop laughing? I sure can. One of the
most precious memories I have from my childhood was shared with my brother
Maxime. We used to play “Chin Faces” all the time. The amounts of hours we
spend laughing at the other one’s chin are countless. It was so simple, yet so amusing
and addictive. We would play until our laughter became screams and our faces
were covered with happy tears.

Nothing in this world
can replace the magic of laughter. No wonder we like Santa. Who wouldn’t like a
happy go lucky generous grandpa? And if Santa is not your “cup of tea”, there
is always an uncle or an aunt that will change the mood of the party at their
first ridiculously funny laughing trip.

when you find yourself standing in front of the bountiful feast, be it at a
party or on the Christmas day itself, instead of feeling deprived, frustrated
of secluded, see the humour in it, make fun of your situation, crack a joke,  grab a piece of veggie and laugh hysterically.
MOUHAHAHA!  You’ll see it works way
better than the “poor me”, “pitty party” option.


Temptations are not reserved to Phase 1 as you
know. They were there before you came to Food-Wise and will still be there
after your weight loss is attained and maintained. The good news is that
temptations don’t have to control you. You don’t even have to control
yourself… Have I lost you for a minute there?

Instead of fighting
it or controlling it, laugh at it. By laughing at your past triggers and
tempting foods, you take away their strength and their hold over you. If you
ever saw Monster INC (the movie), you know what I mean. How can a scary hairy
monster stay scary if he makes his victims laugh, pretty hard wouldn’t you say?
So think about it; laughter (as well as smiling) is not only an awesome
feeling; it is also an incredible tool when you are faced with something
difficult, whatever it is.

On that note, laugh
until your jaw hurts and then, laugh some more! Laughter is one of those rare
things that you can’t over indulge in… and it has NO calories!  I wish
you a month filled with laughter!


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