Day 6 – Nelson Mandela and our program…

Well here we are, even later than
yesterday, but I couldn’t let the day end without sending you my thoughts
on the recent events involving Nelson Mandela.  I couldn’t pass up the
opportunity to talk about the inspiration that he has brought so many
people in so many parts of the world.  I wondered this morning as I listened
to the news if there was anybody who didn’t know if his existence. 
Some may not know all the details but we still know that he was a great

The Power of Inspiration!

For almost three years now, I have been
coaching people through weight loss and I have maintained from the start
that my role is not so much to motivate as it is to INSPIRE.  I use
this analogy with new clients when we first meet to ensure they understand
the difference.  I tell them that motivation is the red hot ember that
they bring to the process and that my job is to add paper, kindling and big
logs and build the biggest fire to see them through… but that without the
ember that they provide, it will all remain just paper, kindling and
wood… there will be no fire. I’m not adverse to adding some oxygen by
breathing on the young fire to help it grow but I don’t provide any
matches,  that has to come from the client.

Nelson Mandela has built among the
biggest fires in places where the embers were very small and sometimes even
faint. His words and actions have produced changes that were above
everyone’s imagination.   Today, I want to share with you some of
the words of wisdom that are part of his collection.  I have selected
these inspirational quotes because they are totally appropriate and in line
with what you are living right now!

always seems impossible until it’s done.”
  How often I am told by clients that they are invited to a
party and there is NO WAY to avoid cheating… Let me tell you the story of
a client of ours who just last week had a family gathering (all the
relatives from her husband’s side) where all the food would be home cooked
traditional Italian food.  All the pressure would come from the sisters-in-law
who watch like hawks to make sure everyone is eating and trying
“their” dish…  she could not see a way out of insulting
her in-laws or messing up her efforts… We talked and worked out a plan;
you always need a plan…  I told her that when it was time to get up
and make a plate from the potluck table, to get in line with everyone and
build a plate.  I said, “only put on the plate the things that
your husband likes and warn him to not overload his own plate.” 
I suggested that she get some vegetables (there is always a vegetable
platter…) and eat her main meal before leaving home.  Throughout the
meal, I suggested that she play with her fork and food, lifting it every so
often to her mouth so that people think she is eating.  I also
suggested that she move food to her husband’s plate as he made room for
it.  In the end, nobody noticed that she didn’t have any of the foods
that would have sabotaged her program.  She had brought a bar for
dessert and while people saw her chewing and saw the food in front of her,
they were not insulted, but rather quite pleased.  I saw her on
Thursday and she said that it totally worked and that in fact, people were
so busy talking that even her husband didn’t notice that she was shifting
food onto his plate!  It really seemed impossible until it was done!

people are determined, they can overcome anything.”
(Johannesburg, South Africa, Nov. 14, 2006) Determination is that
strong voice that comes out loudly every so often and that everyone
recognizes as being genuine.  Nobody would ever doubt the voice of
determination.  The problem is that everyone has other little voices
that come through a bit like white noise and which reduce the clarity of
the stronger voice of determination.  You know when I said that the
coach’s role is to inspire, it is also to hold a mirror to help the clients
see those things that prevent the loud voice of determination from being
heard.  I have seen determination many times and sadly, I have also
seen people let the white noise of negative self-talk take over the
speakers and prevent determination from being the only resounding
message.  Can you identify the negative self-talk?  Do you have a
strong image of what you want?  Are there things that you are holding
on to that not only have lost their meaning over the years but that are now
sabotaging your efforts towards achieving your new goals?  Are you
ready to revisit all that?  Are you ready to let some of it go? 


Phase 4 tip…

good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination”

  When you reach those goals, how
easy it is to fall back into old habits.  The head knows what the body
needs but the heart is starting to miss the things and foods that were once
linked to emotions.  Now is not the time to have both entities working
against each other.  Keep them in check and you will keep your
investment of time, money and efforts in the forefront of your mind! …
and you will keep your weight off! 


Nelson Mandela is known to people as a
great leader and as a kind man.  What he did is impressive, of that
there is no doubt.  I want you to think however that in every person,
including yourself, there is a stronger person than what is apparent. 
You can be better, you can achieve all that you want.  You can be
anything you want!  Thank you Mr. Mandela for the great lessons you
have passed on.  


Lise Hamilton-Carrière
Food-Wise Weight Loss

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