DAY 8 – What memory warms up your heart?

we look back at past events, we seldom remember the gifts (or the food
for that matter…).  Our memories are almost always of things that
connect with our values.  Let me tell you about my most vivid and
warmest memory of Christmas as a young parent. 

This is my best Christmas ever…


I ask you to reminisce and tell the story of your favorite Christmas,
which one would stand out? Are you a young child? Are your kids young?
Are you on vacation where the snow is just a bad memory? Why is it your
favorite Christmas? Is it the people you surrounded yourself with or the
setting in which it to
ok place? By asking those kinds of questions, we get in touch with our
fundamental values. We realise what is important to ensure our
happiness; which is the ultimate goal: to be happy.

My favorite
Christmas was in 1997. I was a single mother of 4 children and we had
barely enough money to cover the basics. Needless to say, thinking about
Christmas gifts was in itself a luxury. But the funny thing is, I knew
in my heart of hearts that something was going to happen. I just had
that inner hunch whispering to me every day that this Christmas was
going to be pretty special.  


It all happened on
the 23rd of December morning. I was making homemade play dough, while
my four children were creating pop-corn garlands for the Christmas tree.
The house was quiet for a change, it felt nice. No one was talking,
crying or wining; we were all too busy being happy in our secure, warm
and cosy environment. I particularly remember the silence because the
knock at the door seemed so loud and sudden that we were all startled.
In a single motion, my children lifted their heads with a thick Egg Nog
mustache above their upper-lip, it was a priceless moment. Rapidly I
cleaned my hands and just like little ducklings, Melina, Natacha, David
and Jonathan jumped off their chairs and lined up behind me…  


          Who is at the door mommy?


As I opened the
door, the only thing I could see was a huge box wrapped in gold with a
gigantic red silky bow. That first image was followed by a “WOOOOWWW”
that stretched for a good 5 seconds. My kids were hypnotised by the big
golden box with the gigantic red silky bow. We just stood there, our
mouths hanging like coats on a hook. Suddenly but gently, the woman
behind the golden box whished us Merry Christmas and asked me if
”they” could come in. Sure, I said… they? As she walked in, two
other women followed with gifts and food in their arms. We were
speechless. Then, my oldest daughter looked at me, then at the golden
box with the gigantic red silky bow, then at me again but this time,
with twinkles in her eyes. She put her little hands on her hips and said
proudly: «You were right mom! This IS going to be the best Christmas
ever because Christmas came to us! »  

My heart was
agreeing with her as tears of joy rolled down my cheeks. I felt blessed.
I felt my kids had value not only to me but for someone else too. We
meant something; we were valuable to those three women. Oh my God! I
remember so clearly the overwhelming feeling of love and fraternal
kindness; we all did.


Let’s say it was
the most humanitarian moment of my life. People, caring for people;
people giving time, gifts and food to people, not to family, not to
friends, not to co-workers but rather, to strangers. To me, that
Christmas is still THE one that stands out the most because fraternal
kindness is one of my fundamental values… what are yours?




In a few weeks, it
will be Christmas again; that means Egg Nog season. Every year I have
to buy tons of that stuff because my kids (now adults) are insatiable
Egg Nog lovers. The Egg Nog we find at the store is not the healthiest
thing to drink that is for sure. That’s why I will make my own this
year. I was so excited when I Found Dr. Dubois’ recipe. That’s when I
decided to share it with you. This recipe gives you three portions of
protein that are unrestricted.


Dr. Dubois’ Egg Nog



2 ready-made IP vanilla drinks

1 packet of IP plain omelet mix





The order in which you put the ingredients is crucial. Start by
putting in a large shaker (or blender) one ready-made vanilla drink and
then add the omelet mix (only the powder), then the second ready-made
vanilla drink, followed by the spices. Add about ½ cup of water and
shake your Phase 1 Egg Nog drink.

Phase 4 tip…


As a full graduate
of this program, you don’t need to worry about the above recipe, you
can indulge in the real Egg Nog but what does it count as? Well let’s
see, what the ingredients are: milk, eggs, cream, sugar and liquor,
usually brandy. So what do these represent? Carbs, protein, fat, more
carbs… and yet more carbs!  


Does this sound like a fun day fix? Yep totally! Enjoy!

days are simply rushing by.  I hope you had a great weekend.  This
week, there will likely be more luncheons than usual, more challenges,
more people bringing home baked goods into the office.  Your ability to
keep your focus will be tested over and over again.  I have faith in
you!  Keep your eye on your goal and on what really matters! 


Have an awesome week!  




Julie-Jeanne Darc
Food-Wise Weight Loss

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