My Ideal Recipes (p. 166 – Honey Mustard Burger with Asparagus)

Give me a meal that you can make in less time than it takes to take a run to the drive-thru, and you’ve got my attention!  In this world of busy beyond belief, of schedules butting against other schedules, of taxi-moms & dads, we need simple, good meals that can be on the table in less time than it takes to make a go at the store to buy something ready made!  Our chefs, Marie and Michel, thought today’s recipe fit that bill completely… and really tasty to boot!  Enjoy!

Honey Mustard Burger with Asparagus (P 166)

Ideal Protein and Walden Farms products required:

Walden Farms Honey Dijon Dressing

Prep Time:                     5 Minutes

Cooking Time:               10 Minutes


An oh-so-simple recipe, making hamburger patties…  But what a burger!  The spices and Honey Mustard Vinaigrette give this burger an exquisite taste.

This dish takes 5 minutes to prepare and all is ready in 15 minutes, a perfect recipe for a week day when time is of the essence.

M & M

Temps de préparation: 5 Minutes

Temps de cuisson:         10 Minutes


Une recette des plus simple, faire des boulettes de viande hachée!  Mais que de bons burgers.  Les épices et la vinaigrette à la moutarde de Dijon donnent un goût exquis à ce burger.

Ce plat prend 5 minutes à préparer et le tout est prêt en 15 minutes, recette parfaite pour un soir de semaine quand on est pressé.

M & M

If you have tried this recipe before, please tell us about your impressions!

We’ll see you tomorrow!

Coach Lise, Food-Wise Weight Loss-

My Ideal Recipes p. 71 – Cajun Style Chicken Nuggets

This blog is intended for those of you around the world doing the Ideal Protein protocol and looking for new ideas of what to eat.  If you have not done so, purchase Chef Verati’s cookbook called My Ideal Protein and then follow this blog.  Every day, we will comment on one of the recipes until will have gone through the entire book!

So, crack open your books and get ready for 250 days of pure cooking joy!  This is the first of many days where you can join this forum and see what our “chefs” have cooked up from the “My Ideal Recipes” cookbook.  If you’re like me, you have several cookbooks from previous weight loss programs, from which you have looked at the images, made a few of the recipes and left the rest untouched!  We are hoping that this blog will incite you to join us in cooking these recipes… and add your comments to ours!

Now a few housekeeping things before we get started:  each recipe is calibrated and calculated to provide 4 portions of both the evening protein and the mandatory 2 cups of vegetables.  I know that sometimes this may seem a little out of whack but trust us on this one!  The purpose was to make things very easy whether you are cooking for one, for two or for four!  If you have more mouths to feed, simply double the recipe.

We will start each comment with the following to help you decide when to make this recipe:

1) the list of Ideal Protein packets and the Walden Farms products if any are required

2)  the preparation time and the cooking time.  This will help you decide if this is something you can do during the week or if you should wait until the weekend.

So here we go!

Cajun Style Chicken Nuggets (p. 71 My Ideal Recipes)

The mere mention of the word nugget and I bet you can’t help yourself thinking of the kids meal at the golden arches!  Am I right?  Well let me tell you that this recipe is the furthest thing from anything you might imagine!  Full of taste because it is rich with spices, this will no doubt become a family favourite!  But what do our chefs have to say:

Ideal Protein and Walden Farms products required:

            Ideal Protein BBQ Ridges


Prep Time:                           10 Minutes

Cooking Time:                    15 Minutes


A perfect recipe for those hectic work days, these Chicken Nuggets are excellent, one of our favourite recipes so far.

A little piece of advice, when preparing the dry ingredients for the coating, I would double the quantities, since we found that there wasn’t enough to equally cover all the pieces of the chicken. (only double the spices, not the ridges, to avoid adding protein or carbs)

And, for people on phase 3 or 4, leftovers, if any, would make for a great portion of protein for tomorrows lunch

This dish was enjoyed by our entire family, even those not following the program!

M & M


Temps de préparation:     10 Minutes

Temps de cuisson:            15 Minutes


Une recette parfaite pour les jours de semaine quand on est pressé.  Ces « Chicken Nuggets » sont excellents, une de nos recettes préférées à date.

Un conseil, doubler la quantité des ingrédients secs utiliser pour la panure, car il n’en a pas assez pour couvrir toutes les croquettes uniformément. (doublez seulement les épices, pas les croustilles, pour ne pas nuire aux calculs de protéine et glucides)

Et, pour les gens en phase 3 ou 4, les restants feront une bonne portion de protéine pour le lunch du lendemain.

Ce plat a été adoré par tous les membres de notre famille, même ceux qui ne suivent pas le régime.

M & M

If you have tried this recipe before, please let us know what you thought!

We’ll see you tomorrow!

Coach Lise, Food-Wise Weight Loss  –