2015 Advent Calendar – Day 8

The gift of flavour takes a little thyme!!!
              Hi!  My name is Carolyne and I am the weight loss coach at our downtown (Sparks st.) clinic. I also spend one day per week at our Prince-of-Wales location as well as one day at our Orleans location. I have been a weight loss for over 8 years now and I LOVE my job. I also LOVE cooking. As a mom running a house of four, I do all I can to feed my family healthy foods but like most people, I do not have much extra time during the week or weekends to prepare meals that take hours to make or cook…

The basis of cooking simple healthy recipes requires a little knowledge of spices. But without my mom’s amazing cooking growing up, I probably would not have the interest in spice blends like I do now. Who knows!

Butter will not save your overcooked green beans but onion powder can!
I think the best way to give a wow-factor to your meals is by adding SPICES! Spice blends are even better than just plain salt and pepper…But you know that!
Today I wish to share a gift idea with you that I am making for my parents and friends. Mom, please pretend to be surprised at Christmas, I know you read these emails lol!
I want to offer the gift of time and flavours! Not many people take the time to make their own blends and instead they get knock-offs/less delicious pre-made store blends. Not only do they taste less good but store bought spice blends are often full of ingredients you truly want to avoid.
I think you will love this simple, homemade, cost effective gift idea! The main issue is people don’t have time to make these blends. So for the holidays, instead of doing 14 trips to stores to find inspiration and ready-to-go gifts. I’ll go out once, stop at Michael’s for jars, pens, labels and maybe ribbons if you’re feeling fancy. Then I stop at a spice shop and get what I need and voilà! The rest I do in peace at home J How sweet is that!!


If you do go to Michael’s – get your coupon ready first or show it off on your smartphone. They aren’t fussy. They always offer a coupon on an item of your choice! Usually it’s 20% to 50% OFF any item at regular price.

            Why are homemade blends better than store bought?

The food labels on the bulk of store-bought seasoning mixes are full of fillers, preservatives and other unwanted fake flavour enhancers.
As you know, homemade blends can be adjusted to your liking and taste better.
Store boughtblends may contain unwanted ingredients that can include:
  • Modified food starch
  • Sugar – of course…
  • Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils
  • MSG
  • Hidden gluten
  • Natural flavourings – not so natural most of the time..
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Spices (This sounds innocent…but what exactly are these anonymous “spices”?),
  • And potentially more unwanted ingredients.

Avoid all those by doing it yourself!

A list of spice blends to try out this holiday season:

Taco Seasoning – I love this in the slow cooker with poultry or ground beef

Italian Seasoning – Any dish that needs a lift

Rajin’ Cajun – I love this on eggs but will work on anything
Lemon Pepper – Great on everything!
Garam Masala – Amazing with poultry
Pumpkin Spice For many recipes

              If you can’t see yourself offering spices as a gift, I want you to consider making it for yourself.  You will not only get a blast of flavour but you’ll also be eating clean. I for one like to offer gifts to those I love that help them feel better and I think this is also a great opportunity to be creative!  Have fun!

Have a great Tuesday!
Coach Carolyne and all the coaching staff at Food-Wise!


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