2015 Advent Calendar – Day 12

Having no time AND no energy!
               You may remember that on Saturdays, our topic is FAST FOOD (at home or on the go)!  I have to say that we received a lot of feedback from last Saturday’s post so I know that you are interested and ready for more options.

Let’s see, sometimes, we are short on time… and sometimes, we are equally short on energy! It’s the second most likely reason why people resort to fast food.  We want it fast because we don’t even want to spend the energy sitting in a restaurant waiting for the food to arrive!

So today, on top of fast, we will add the time factor in the mix to give you options that are both quick and easy!
I love having multiple choices…

… but sometimes, the easiest choice to make is to simply stop at the grocery store!  Just recently, I had to stop on a morning when I didn’t have

time to eat breakfast at home.  I could have thrown caution to the wind and pulled through at a Timmy’s for a breakfast sandwich but I was determined to not do that… So on my way to my early morning meeting I stopped at a Metro (ours is open 24 hrs) and walked directly over to the express counter where I picked up a package containing two hard-boiled eggs! Voila breakfast to go!  Eggs are the best!  Did you know that when rating protein, everything is measured against the perfect protein a.k.a the egg!!!
If it’s dinner you are looking for, the express counter at the grocery store will have roasted chickens for sure.  Take the skin off and you’ve got your protein.  Need vegetables to go with that?  Grab some dill pickles or some salsa (Tostitos Medium or Pace Medium are good
as they don’t contain sugar) or canned mushrooms!  Combine some of these and fill up a lettuce wrap… can you see it coming together? Sure, you can go to Lone Star and get Skinny Fajitas (which is a great idea by the way – Thanks Imogen) but if you have no time and are too tired to go out, chicken, mushrooms and salsa in a lettuce wrap is really quick and no effort!… and best of all, you will be delighted with the money you save!
Here’s another idea that provides a big ROI (return on investment) on both the money and time fronts:  the crock pot!  Those who know me well, are not surprised by this suggestion!  I used to have a thing about crock pot Sundays… Fill up the pot around 9:00 am – meat, veggies and a broth – then by 5:00 pm, the house smells so good, you think someone else made dinner for you! The best part is that you will have leftovers for the rest of the week.  If you think it was good on day one, imagine when you eat it again minus the effort of making it! This is one of the best kept secrets!  If you don’t have a crock pot, get one! or ask Santa to bring you one… a BIG one! There is no such thing as a crock pot that is too big!  Think of it this way, it takes the same amount of effort to make a lot or as to make a little.  You may as well make your efforts count! And here’s a little tip:  you can buy oven roasting bags (they have them at the dollar store) and line your crock pot so clean up is a cinch!
Another quick meal that your family will love is tacos!  Everyone loves it and it’s so easy to make.  Use Carolyne’s taco spice mix recipe from Day 8 (don’t use the premade as it contains sugar), brown your ground beef and top with shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes (and salsa if you like) and use a leaf of lettuce as the shell!  How much fun is that!
So many options…
When you are dog tired and in a rush, you need a pre-made action plan.  At that point when you are at the end of your rope, you can’t be expected to both come up with the plan and execute it.  That is the reason most people end up at a drive-thru.  In their mental rolodex of solutions, that’s the only card that comes up! I invite you to make an “ICE” plan.  I mean an “In Case of Emergency” plan!  With the many suggestions in last Saturday’s and today’s emails, you can choose what works for you and fill out a paper copy of the plan.  Keep a copy in your car (inside the sun visor or in glove box) and in your wallet or an electronic version in your phone. Think of your lifestyle, identify the recurring situations and make a plan for each. If the solution is a drive-thru then so be it but on the paper, you will have the name of the place and the options that are good for you!  This way, the old knee-jerk reaction of selecting the same old combo that you used to get (in your previous life), will be replaced by a better option.  You will feel like someone made the choice for you at a time when you needed it the most!
Tomorrow is Sunday!  Let me know if you plan on making a crock pot!  Just so you know, you won’t be alone!
Have a great weekend!
Love you lots,
Lise and all the coaching staff at Food-Wise Weight Loss xoxo
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