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One of the best things about cooking on the BBQ is the easy clean-up after the feast is done!  Don’t you agree?
The thing is that somehow we tend to view the grill as a tool for cooking meats but we seldom use it to cook the whole meal!  
Today is Sunday and many of you already know that I’m a big fan of making lots on Sunday and making it easy.  So today, why not consider making lots and using the BBQ to make it all! 
Today’s suggestion is salmon with asparagus, zucchini and peppers… all on the grill!  Make sure there’s a lot of leftovers though because tomorrow, I will show you an easy salad that you can make from today’s leftovers! Now, there’s planning for you!
By the way, I was having lunch today with a friend who is also a weight loss coach and we were discussing various problems people are having with the whole concept of eating better to lose weight and here is the insight that came from our talk:  many people have this notion that we eat vegetables to lose weight! Well hello!!  Eating vegetables is something that, if practiced continuously, will ensure that the weight doesn’t come back on!  So if you are eating these vegetables as a temporary measure, I want you to use this month’s recipes to create new favourites in your household!  Favourites that will stay with you for the long haul!  Take note of the comments from everyone around the table.  If they like it, it’s a keeper… if they don’t find out what part they don’t like:  taste or texture!  Regardless of the issue, there is a solution, I promise!!!
The ideas below will create a meal fit for the royal family and will even celebrate the good weather we have been having!
Lise and all the coaching staff at Food-Wise!
Salmon… the not so white fish!
I discovered salmon much later in life because as a kid, the only salmon we knew was out of a can and I hated the fact that skin and bones were all in there along with the fish!  I hated the smell too so I decided right there and then that I hated salmon! 
One day however, and I don’t remember exactly when it happened, I had some salmon that someone else had served… it could have been smoked… but at any rate, I fell in love!
I don’t know if you realize this but the smoking process in most commercial salmons includes a rub made from sugar… no wonder I liked the taste of smoked salmon!  So as I developed my own way to prepare salmon, I always maintained the need for the sweet taste.  So here is how we grill salmon:
Place a foil on the grill 
Put the piece of salmon on the foil
Brush with a sauce made from 1/4 c. Walden Farms Pancake Syrup and 1/4 c. Soy Sauce
Cook only a few minutes on one side – leave the inside pink (overcooking will dry the fish)
Flip over and brush the other side with the sauce.
Cook another few minutes.
Serve!!!   The taste of sweet meets salty will surprise you!!
By the way, fish is not supposed to smell fishy!  When you buy fresh salmon, it doesn’t smell! Be sure to cook it the day you buy it and enjoy something truly amazing!
This part is as much fun as the salmon part!  My family and I have been doing this for many years now and we don’t ever get tired of it!  Part of the secret to staying healthy and maintaining your weight… is finding recipes for veggies that you don’t get tired of!
Bell peppers (use all colours for an appealing look!)
Start by breaking off the ends of the asparagus.  I do mean “breaking off” and not cutting, since you might end up with some of the woody part of the asparagus if you cut at the wrong place.  Just bend the spear and where it breaks is where it should.  Keep the top half and throw away the bottom half!  Don’t worry if it looks like you’re wasting… the part you are discarding isn’t good anyway and is mostly responsible for half the population not liking asparagus (remember the taste or texture question above?  Most people who dislike asparagus do so because they cut the ends off and then try to eat the woody part!!!)  I’m not kidding!!!
Next, cut the ends off the zucchinis and cut once lengthwise!
Then, cut the peppers in halves and remove the core and seeds.
In a marinating container or Ziplock bag put the asparagus, zucchini and peppers.  Add a mixture of 1/4 c. of olive oil and 1/4 c. of Walden Farms Balsamic Dressing.  Let the vegetables marinate about 30 minutes.
The idea of leaving the vegetables in large pieces makes it easier to turn on the grill, prevents overcooking as well as falling through the cracks!  Zucchinis and peppers that have cooked too long become mushy and nobody likes that!!!
Once the vegetables are grilled, put them on the cutting board and make smaller pieces for serving.  You can leave the asparagus whole as it looks great on the plate!
This is a quick dinner that tastes amazing.  It brings together a number of flavours that are pleasing to the palate!  Hopefully, it becomes one of your favourites too!
Enjoy a great dinner!  I look forward to helping you use the leftover in a awesome salad tomorrow!  Have a great day!
Lise and all the coaching staff at Food-Wise Weight Loss
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