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Menopause & Weight Gain

Great! As if hot flashes aren’t enough, now you find yourself not exactly fitting into your clothes like you used to.  As the estrogen plummets and the androgen increases, your jeans could be fitting a little tighter.  It’s all totally normal but you don’t have to just live with it.

A large part of our clientele ( Become a client! ) have hit the time in their life when all of a sudden they seem to be gaining a little weight. What can you do?  

  1.  Review what your’re eating   Chances are, your body doesn’t need the amount of food that it used to need. Your metabolism is slowing and needing less.
  2.  Drink Water – Water is essential to weight loss and normal body function.  It’s recommended to drink 64 oz per day.  Not only does drinking water curb your appetite, it also combats fatigue due to dehydration.
  3.  Do you exercise?   Muscle loss, as we age, is very natural.  Increasing your muscle building exercises has many benefits, such as bone protection, strength and weight loss. No need to be pumping iron (although you may love it!), try swimming or yoga!
  4. Sleep  Sleep can be hard to maintain when your hormones are changing however sleep is very important for so many reasons.   The obvious reason is to feel rested, however,  more time awake leads to eating more and being tired prompts people to eat more as your body is seeking energy.
  5.  Seek Help & Support  Finding someone to support you through weight loss, with a plan can lead to very positive results.   At Food-Wise Weight Loss, we offer a medically developed plan and supportive coaching.  Working with women to get to a healthy weight and feel better.


~ Tressa Haney, Certified Coach

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Food-Wise Community

One of the upsides of the social media world we live in today is the ability to connect with each other.  We love a comment on our Facebook , Twitter or Instagram and emails we receive from clients past and present to update us on their life or just to say hello.  We really feel like a community.

Sharing information is key and social media is a perfect venue.   A before & after picture that a client shares can be  just the motivation that another client needed that day to keep going, a testimonial can be the catapult that gives someone the courage to start their weight loss journey and a new shared recipe could make the difference in someone staying on track!


We love the input you give us to share with the community.  We believe in the value of connecting with one another so much we’ve created a safe & private environment in a secret Facebook group to share one on one.  If you are our client and would like to join, email me your email address.

In the spirit of sharing, here is a recipe a client, Luc Lalonde sent to me along with his caption! Thanks Luc!

“So… last night, I had friends coming for dinner and this is what I made… and this is 99.9% IP approved! It was AMAZING!!!

BC snapper, oven cooked with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Pureed/mashed purple cauliflower

Sautéed zucchini, garlic, purple Brussels Sprout

Red pepper, basil and smoked paprika sauce.

It was full of flavour, full of taste and full healthy  woop woop.”


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From all of us at Food-Wise Weight Loss,



October is here!

In like a lion, out like a lamb.

 Normally that phrase is reserved for the weather in March, however I think it could also describe the transition from summer to September.

At Food-Wise Weight Loss, we hit the ground running in September.  We were off to Toronto at the beginning of the month for the much anticipated Ideal Protein Super Weekend.  As a part of our commitment to our clients, we make it a priority to attend.  It’s a chance for collaboration with other coaches, enhancing our skills and knowledge with the medical panel  and finding out about new products.

Ideal Protein has released a new  technology called Ideal Smart Platform.

Pictured: Scale, app, arm band
Ideal Smart Platform

The platform is designed to give dieters more information and to be able to track information on their smart phones.  Information is power!  The trio pictured above consists of a Fitness Band, App and Scale.  They are all linked together via Bluetooth to help you see the full picture.

The Ideal Smart app is available for free wherever you download your apps.  You can track your food, supplements and water, use the  bar code scanner & when you weigh in at your clinic – your weight, hydration and body fat % syncs to the app!

The fitness band tracks your steps, how many minutes you’ve been active, distance you walk and calories burned.   At night, you change to sleep mode and the band tracks your sleep! You can sync the band to your app as well to get a full picture of your day.

The scale and fitness band can be purchased from Food-Wise Weight Loss.  Ask your coach!

October is a gorgeous month and the harvests are plentiful.  Enjoy the farm markets, crisp mornings and Thanksgiving.


Take a break from doing dishes tonight!!!

Food Wise Weight Loss
One of the best things about cooking on the BBQ is the easy clean-up after the feast is done!  Don’t you agree?
The thing is that somehow we tend to view the grill as a tool for cooking meats but we seldom use it to cook the whole meal!  
Today is Sunday and many of you already know that I’m a big fan of making lots on Sunday and making it easy.  So today, why not consider making lots and using the BBQ to make it all! 
Today’s suggestion is salmon with asparagus, zucchini and peppers… all on the grill!  Make sure there’s a lot of leftovers though because tomorrow, I will show you an easy salad that you can make from today’s leftovers! Now, there’s planning for you!
By the way, I was having lunch today with a friend who is also a weight loss coach and we were discussing various problems people are having with the whole concept of eating better to lose weight and here is the insight that came from our talk:  many people have this notion that we eat vegetables to lose weight! Well hello!!  Eating vegetables is something that, if practiced continuously, will ensure that the weight doesn’t come back on!  So if you are eating these vegetables as a temporary measure, I want you to use this month’s recipes to create new favourites in your household!  Favourites that will stay with you for the long haul!  Take note of the comments from everyone around the table.  If they like it, it’s a keeper… if they don’t find out what part they don’t like:  taste or texture!  Regardless of the issue, there is a solution, I promise!!!
The ideas below will create a meal fit for the royal family and will even celebrate the good weather we have been having!
Lise and all the coaching staff at Food-Wise!
Salmon… the not so white fish!
I discovered salmon much later in life because as a kid, the only salmon we knew was out of a can and I hated the fact that skin and bones were all in there along with the fish!  I hated the smell too so I decided right there and then that I hated salmon! 
One day however, and I don’t remember exactly when it happened, I had some salmon that someone else had served… it could have been smoked… but at any rate, I fell in love!
I don’t know if you realize this but the smoking process in most commercial salmons includes a rub made from sugar… no wonder I liked the taste of smoked salmon!  So as I developed my own way to prepare salmon, I always maintained the need for the sweet taste.  So here is how we grill salmon:
Place a foil on the grill 
Put the piece of salmon on the foil
Brush with a sauce made from 1/4 c. Walden Farms Pancake Syrup and 1/4 c. Soy Sauce
Cook only a few minutes on one side – leave the inside pink (overcooking will dry the fish)
Flip over and brush the other side with the sauce.
Cook another few minutes.
Serve!!!   The taste of sweet meets salty will surprise you!!
By the way, fish is not supposed to smell fishy!  When you buy fresh salmon, it doesn’t smell! Be sure to cook it the day you buy it and enjoy something truly amazing!
This part is as much fun as the salmon part!  My family and I have been doing this for many years now and we don’t ever get tired of it!  Part of the secret to staying healthy and maintaining your weight… is finding recipes for veggies that you don’t get tired of!
Bell peppers (use all colours for an appealing look!)
Start by breaking off the ends of the asparagus.  I do mean “breaking off” and not cutting, since you might end up with some of the woody part of the asparagus if you cut at the wrong place.  Just bend the spear and where it breaks is where it should.  Keep the top half and throw away the bottom half!  Don’t worry if it looks like you’re wasting… the part you are discarding isn’t good anyway and is mostly responsible for half the population not liking asparagus (remember the taste or texture question above?  Most people who dislike asparagus do so because they cut the ends off and then try to eat the woody part!!!)  I’m not kidding!!!
Next, cut the ends off the zucchinis and cut once lengthwise!
Then, cut the peppers in halves and remove the core and seeds.
In a marinating container or Ziplock bag put the asparagus, zucchini and peppers.  Add a mixture of 1/4 c. of olive oil and 1/4 c. of Walden Farms Balsamic Dressing.  Let the vegetables marinate about 30 minutes.
The idea of leaving the vegetables in large pieces makes it easier to turn on the grill, prevents overcooking as well as falling through the cracks!  Zucchinis and peppers that have cooked too long become mushy and nobody likes that!!!
Once the vegetables are grilled, put them on the cutting board and make smaller pieces for serving.  You can leave the asparagus whole as it looks great on the plate!
This is a quick dinner that tastes amazing.  It brings together a number of flavours that are pleasing to the palate!  Hopefully, it becomes one of your favourites too!
Enjoy a great dinner!  I look forward to helping you use the leftover in a awesome salad tomorrow!  Have a great day!
Lise and all the coaching staff at Food-Wise Weight Loss
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Mayday! Mayday! I need help getting in my summer clothes!

Food Wise Weight Loss
Every year it is the same story!  The clothes that you wore last summer don’t seem to fit quite the same and yet, you can’t imagine dieting while there is so much happening on your social calendar.  We get it!
That is precisely the reason why, starting Sunday, we are launching our MAYDAY MAYDAY Calendar!  For 31 days, you will receive a daily email containing either a recipe, a tip, or an inspiration!  We want you to be happy this summer!  We want you to walk around with your head held high boasting all the self-confidence that you deserve for having “taken care of business” (if you know what I mean!).
If you have been with us for a bit, you will certainly recall our December calendar where you received articles pertaining to that other difficult time of year… well our MAYDAY Calendar is a lot like it but this time we will talk about subjects that never seem to come up in December LOL!!!
Consider this your MAYdays… so you can have better SUMMER days!!!
Lise and all the coaching staff at Food-Wise!
If you are among the many who like to include a glass of wine or other cocktail to your summer relaxation, you will really enjoy our MAYDAY Calendar!  One of the weekly recurring topics will be about how to deal with desire and peer pressure concerning alcohol consumption and other snacky stuff!
Stay tuned, we have a whole month of amazing topics lined up just for you!
Click here to join!
“Want to feel healthier, happier and more peaceful? Add a daily dose of nature to your routine.”

“Most of us spend too much time in front of screens and too little time outdoors. It’s time to fall (back) in love with nature!”

“This May, the David Suzuki Foundation is challenging you and people around the world to join the 30×30 Challenge by spending 30 minutes a day in nature for 30 days. Our goal is simple: to reconnect human beings with nature for the sake of their health and mental well-being.
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2015 Advent Calendar – Day 14

More than meets the eye…
Good Morning,
from Coach Hester
             I am so excited to be part of the Food-Wise team and you can find me on Wednesdays at our Montreal Road clinic and Thursdays at our Orleans clinic. I am delighted to say hello this lovely December Monday morning as we explore “more than meets the eye”.
You can’t make me!
            Now I am truly blessed (or some might say cursed) with a lifelong love of vegetables. Don’t get me wrong…I also love things that require more portion control…but when push comes to shove and it’s time to focus on healthy eating, it is not a chore for me to ramp up the veggies.  My husband John, on the other hand, was traumatized by vegetables as a child.  The closest he wanted to get to a vegetable when I met him was carrot cake…LOL.
One specific example of a traumatic vegetable for him is Brussels sprouts.  It seems his mom would buy them frozen and then cook them ahead of time and then reheat them.  Suffice to say, the end result would send anyone screaming from the table.   I have tried over the past 25 years to suggest them on occasion only to be met with a stare that suggests I may be on the verge of madness. So when John decided to get back on Phase 1 a while ago, as one of the many strategies to get four cups of select veggies into him, I started slicing up raw Brussels sprouts into our multi-veggie salads and so far he is none the wiser. He actually loves those salads composed of everything but lettuce.
This summer we were at a friend’s place and he had bought the Brussels sprouts in their natural state still on the stalk.  He lightly oiled them and then roasted them on the barbecue so they were slightly charred. They were so delicious my husband even tried them and had more than one!! Since barbecue season is over (or is it?) and it’s hard to find Brussels sprouts on the stalk at this time of year, you might want to try these recipes for a similar experience.  I tried the chips and loved them!!
Oh no, not that…!
                   Another vegetable that took some time to gain acceptance in my household is Kale. Most of you know that kale is a “superfood” that is delicious in a stir fry or a salad. The great thing about a kale salad is that you are supposed to put on the dressing ahead of time as it softens the kale and makes it tastier.  When you try that with lettuce you just end up with a soggy mess. I wouldn’t think of dressing my lettuce at 8am for a noon lunch but with kale it makes it more tender and the result is a tastier salad.

The challenge started when I decided to make kale chips at home when I was on phase 1 of the IP protocol. The first reaction from my young son was, “what stinks?”and when I suggested he try them, he turned up his nose.  My husband wasn’t far behind.  I just kept on making them for myself because I find them delicious (possibly even borderline addictive)…and these days I have to keep an eye on the guys so they don’t eat all of “my” kale chips.

Kale Chips – I alter this recipe   slightly by setting the oven at 300F and baking for 19-20 minutes. It is also important to massage the oil into the kale leaves for maximum coverage.
I like to use different sea salts including a truffle salt I bought at the Unrefined Olive in the Glebe. They have a great selection of high quality flavoured olive oils and flavoured sea salts.  I also like to sprinkle with Cayenne pepper if I’m feeling a little spicy!!

                A final way to get some extra veggies in your diet is to throw in a cup of spinach with your morning IP drink or any drink of the day.  For some reason spinach does very little to affect the flavour of a drink (my favourite is chocolate or wild berry yogurt) although it does affect the colour of drinks like Wildberry. It’s a great way to get in a cup of veggies in a painless way if you are someone who has challenges getting through 2 full cups twice a day.  You can spread it out a little…just make sure to get ‘er done every day!!! (p.s. Kale doesn’t have the same disappearing properties so don’t try it in drinks…I did and wasn’t loving the result.)

Have a fabulous day Food-Wise and otherwise. I will be back next week to continue our tour of the wonderful world of vegetables where you can always discover more than meets the eye!!

Coach Hester  xo

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2015 Advent Calendar – Day 13

I am HAPPY to be a part of your journey!
              Hello, Carolyne here!   Today, I am very excited to share with you a little something that I discovered recently which really inspired me. It has changed my vision on life! Okay, that sounds a little strong but it did make a huge difference in how I see many things in life, especially the meaning of ”being happy”.
Everybody on earth wants to be happy – there’s no doubt about that. It’s crucial to be happy with ourselves too! Taking care of our body and eating well is also an effort towards self-happiness. This is why I’m so stoked to share this with you!
Happiness – What can I do about it?
The main concern with the term ”being happy” is; HOW does one truly acquire this happiness? Will it be defined by the size of pants you wear? The amount of money in your bank account? The number that appears on the scale? The deadline for finishing a project you really care about? What will make YOU truly happy?
You don’t know this about me, but I love to watch documentaries much more than plain out movies and since I have a Netflix account, I usually go snoop around on their documentaries when looking for something new or interesting. A couple of weeks ago I watched a documentary called HAPPY. It had great reviews so I gave it a shot. I was not disappointed! This film questions what exactly happiness is! Don’t we all?

From their research and many questions asked to people from all backgrounds and cultures, they discovered that happiness is found mostly in helping and being a part of other people’s lives. It can be as simple as picking up a call at the right moment from a friend who needs advice, or helping out a stranger stuck in snow. People are happier when they do things for others. It gives us reason and purpose. Purpose is one of those things that people think about at long length and most believe it has to be this great big thing!  All you have to do is smile at a homeless person and you have made their day… and yours!

Say, can I be happy at my job?
This movie helped me understand why I LOVE

my job and why I am truly HAPPY at work (I believe strongly that all the coaches at Food-Wise can relate). It’s because I get to help people and assist them on their weight loss and maintenance journey. It really makes me happy! On that note -I want to give a special thanks to all of you who trust us to coach and assist in your weight loss journey. – you help me/us be truly happy and have purpose every day! Want to be happy at work? Look around for someone you can help be better at what they do!  Introduce a mentorship program, your leaders will love you for it and so will the people you help!

Everyone should watch this documentary and get inspired, especially at this time of year when  we tend to think that the amount of money spent on a gift will determine the level of happiness that it will generate.
As a side bar, Doctor Tran (from Ideal Protein) likes to say ; You have to love yourself to lose weight not the other way around! He’s absolutely right. Dieting is not an easy task and you know it! It takes patience, willingness to change, the right tools, a plan, and enough love for yourself to get it done and keep it off.

Watch this movie because we get stronger and healthier when we are happy. This is the kind of documentary that helps spark people and helps them reach a new level of power in their lives.


How to get HAPPY (the movie)!
Make happiness a priority!
You can rent HAPPY (the movie) directly on the site for $2.99
Or watch it for free if you have a Netflixaccount.
Check out the trailer for free.
Click here to  join the HAPPY movement and sign-up to their site.

“HAPPY is in the process of developing a 28 day program that brings happiness to the centre of our lives. With the movie HAPPY as a catalyst, it provides practical, simple happiness-focused activities that can easily be integrated into each day along with weekly reflections and special features. The program evolves and grows as participants unite to offer support, community developed tips, and inspiration to one another.”

         Since it is Sunday, take an hour off your errands and chores and enjoy this moving documentary! You may find yourself revived and ready to take on the next task with renewed intensity. You may even get motivated to keep your focus during this demanding time of year. You CAN do this!
I know that today, you will feel better just from watching this movie.  It will make you feel as good as it did me and I want you to be happy!!!
One day closer to the holidays! Keep joining us for your daily dose of inspiration!
Have a great Sunday!
Coach Carolyne and all the coaching staff at Food-Wise!


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2015 Advent Calendar – Day 12

Having no time AND no energy!
               You may remember that on Saturdays, our topic is FAST FOOD (at home or on the go)!  I have to say that we received a lot of feedback from last Saturday’s post so I know that you are interested and ready for more options.

Let’s see, sometimes, we are short on time… and sometimes, we are equally short on energy! It’s the second most likely reason why people resort to fast food.  We want it fast because we don’t even want to spend the energy sitting in a restaurant waiting for the food to arrive!

So today, on top of fast, we will add the time factor in the mix to give you options that are both quick and easy!
I love having multiple choices…

… but sometimes, the easiest choice to make is to simply stop at the grocery store!  Just recently, I had to stop on a morning when I didn’t have

time to eat breakfast at home.  I could have thrown caution to the wind and pulled through at a Timmy’s for a breakfast sandwich but I was determined to not do that… So on my way to my early morning meeting I stopped at a Metro (ours is open 24 hrs) and walked directly over to the express counter where I picked up a package containing two hard-boiled eggs! Voila breakfast to go!  Eggs are the best!  Did you know that when rating protein, everything is measured against the perfect protein a.k.a the egg!!!
If it’s dinner you are looking for, the express counter at the grocery store will have roasted chickens for sure.  Take the skin off and you’ve got your protein.  Need vegetables to go with that?  Grab some dill pickles or some salsa (Tostitos Medium or Pace Medium are good
as they don’t contain sugar) or canned mushrooms!  Combine some of these and fill up a lettuce wrap… can you see it coming together? Sure, you can go to Lone Star and get Skinny Fajitas (which is a great idea by the way – Thanks Imogen) but if you have no time and are too tired to go out, chicken, mushrooms and salsa in a lettuce wrap is really quick and no effort!… and best of all, you will be delighted with the money you save!
Here’s another idea that provides a big ROI (return on investment) on both the money and time fronts:  the crock pot!  Those who know me well, are not surprised by this suggestion!  I used to have a thing about crock pot Sundays… Fill up the pot around 9:00 am – meat, veggies and a broth – then by 5:00 pm, the house smells so good, you think someone else made dinner for you! The best part is that you will have leftovers for the rest of the week.  If you think it was good on day one, imagine when you eat it again minus the effort of making it! This is one of the best kept secrets!  If you don’t have a crock pot, get one! or ask Santa to bring you one… a BIG one! There is no such thing as a crock pot that is too big!  Think of it this way, it takes the same amount of effort to make a lot or as to make a little.  You may as well make your efforts count! And here’s a little tip:  you can buy oven roasting bags (they have them at the dollar store) and line your crock pot so clean up is a cinch!
Another quick meal that your family will love is tacos!  Everyone loves it and it’s so easy to make.  Use Carolyne’s taco spice mix recipe from Day 8 (don’t use the premade as it contains sugar), brown your ground beef and top with shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes (and salsa if you like) and use a leaf of lettuce as the shell!  How much fun is that!
So many options…
When you are dog tired and in a rush, you need a pre-made action plan.  At that point when you are at the end of your rope, you can’t be expected to both come up with the plan and execute it.  That is the reason most people end up at a drive-thru.  In their mental rolodex of solutions, that’s the only card that comes up! I invite you to make an “ICE” plan.  I mean an “In Case of Emergency” plan!  With the many suggestions in last Saturday’s and today’s emails, you can choose what works for you and fill out a paper copy of the plan.  Keep a copy in your car (inside the sun visor or in glove box) and in your wallet or an electronic version in your phone. Think of your lifestyle, identify the recurring situations and make a plan for each. If the solution is a drive-thru then so be it but on the paper, you will have the name of the place and the options that are good for you!  This way, the old knee-jerk reaction of selecting the same old combo that you used to get (in your previous life), will be replaced by a better option.  You will feel like someone made the choice for you at a time when you needed it the most!
Tomorrow is Sunday!  Let me know if you plan on making a crock pot!  Just so you know, you won’t be alone!
Have a great weekend!
Love you lots,
Lise and all the coaching staff at Food-Wise Weight Loss xoxo
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2015 Advent Calendar – Day 11

Ever get the feeling that you are out of control? – Take 2
       What a way to end the week!  Last Friday I probably shocked you with the subject of addiction.  I know it’s not an easy subject to talk about but if were going to be honest, with all the scientific studies indicating that sugar is as addictive as cocaine, I would be remiss as a coach if I didn’t expose this side of dieting.
There are many places to go and lose weight and 99% of them won’t bring this subject up… why?  Because they don’t want you to stop regaining the weight!  They are happy to take your money, time and again, without any remorse about the negative impact of your regaining the weight!  So if you are ready, I would like to continue our talk from last Friday.
What is an addiction?
Last week I offered you one definition for addiction. Today, I would like to introduce the difference between a habit and an addiction:
  • “Habit – it is done by choice. The person with the habit can choose to stop, and will subsequently stop successfully if they want to. The psychological/physical component is not an issue as it is with an addiction.”
  • “Addiction – there is a psychological/physical component; the person is unable to control the aspects of the addiction without help because of the mental or physical conditions involved. “
“Put simply – with a habit you are in control of your choices, with an addiction you are not in control of your choices.”  Reference
So how can a person recognize the tell tale signs of addiction?  Here are some signs and symptoms:
  • The person takes the substance and cannot stop – you know exactly what I mean!  For me this was THE sign!  If I ate none, I was good but as soon as I had a piece (of cake or chocolate) the desire for more overpowered me like I was beaten into submission!
  • Withdrawal symptoms – have you ever experienced being on the short end of someone in withdrawal of sugar?  Ouch! We see it all the time especially on the second day on the diet.  Only 48 hours later, everyone is now calm and happy but those first two days can be brutal!
  • Addiction continues despite health problem awareness – Many of our clients come to us directly after their annual check-up where they just found out that they are borderline diabetic… and still, talking about quitting sugar is a sensitive subject!
  • Maintaining a good supply – It’s not enough to have some in the house, addicts bulk buy Costco sizes!!!
  • Dealing with problems – a person who is addicted will turn to sugar to deal with their problems. I often ask clients “what is your Go-To food”.  This helps me identify if they are addicted to the sweet sugars, the salty sugars, or the liquid sugars (i.e. wine)!
  • Obsession – an addicted person will make a detour to get their “fix”.
  • Secrecy and solitude – have you ever found yourself making up a story to stay behind so you could endulge?  I remember one Christmas day long ago, when we were all in the car, leaving the house to go to my inlaws for dinner, and I thought “it’s going to be a long time before I can eat another sweet”.  So I told my husband that I had forgotten a song book in the house; this being the excuse for me to leave the car, get back in the house, grab another candy bar, chow down, grab the book (the deception) then returned to the car!   This is not one of my proud moments but you get the idea of how powerful addiction is!
  • Denial – most people who are addicted to sugar are in denial. They are not aware (or refuse to acknowledge) that they have a problem. They laugh it off as though it is totally normal to eat so much!
  • Excess consumption – I remember putting away (down the hatch) several candy bars (the fundraiser sized ones) in one sitting.  It’s almost as if your brain is thinking eat it all now in case there is none later!
  • Having stashes – When it comes to sugar, this is hardly necessary since it is so easily available.  When I worked in the federal government, I didn’t need to have a stash, the vending machine was less than 30 ft away!  My stash wasn’t sugar, it was money for the vending machine!
  • Taking an initial large dose – I remember trying to lose weight by myself. From Monday to Friday at noon, I would be so good then we would go out for lunch with the office staff and the restaurant offered a free small piece of cake with your lunch special.  This would completely through me off the wagon.  By the time, 2:00 pm rolled around, I would have already consumed 2 more candy bars!
  • Financial difficulties – This is more typical of people who consume expensive drugs but still, the way people consume (or overindulge) in one area is often reflected in other areas of their life, including the way they spend (or overspend).
  • Relationship problems – these are more common in drug/alcohol addiction however, the guilt and low self-esteem that often accompanies addiction can make for roller coaster like relationships.
As you can see, there are a lot of signs.  Once you start processing this, you are definitely on your way to self-control.  They say that recognizing the problem is the first step!

Worthwhile reads!
Suicide by Sugar
by G.N. Jacobs
BestBookLibrary (free 5 day trial)
pdf format!
A Close Encounter with Addiction
by Gabor Mate
              If you are opening your eyes to this reality for the first time, please be kind to yourself.  None of this situation is your fault!  You are not responsible for getting here…  But think of all the possibilities from here on end!
You are not alone!  Right after you have your ah-ha moment, you may feel like you are carrying a heavy burden.  Please remember that we are here not only to help you carry it but also to help you lighten it.  This is our commitment to you!
Have a great weekend!  Tomorrow, we talk about making food FAST!

Lise and all the coaching staff at Food-Wise!


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2015 Advent Calendar – Day 10

‘Tis the week for Christmas 
office parties!
       Hello and welcome to the second edition of throwback Thursdays!
Today we look back on Christmas office partie tips!  If you have not had yours already, then this could be the week that it happens… the Xmas lunch!
From the archives – Day 14, 2014
I remember playing a very active role in the social committee at my work (I know this probably surprises you, LOL…) and every year, we were looking to do something different.  We would change venues, add a gift exchange, go to a pool hall, play games, have draws… and I remember a few times when we decided that it would work just fine to get together in our own staff lounge and share a pot luck.  Since this a popular option, be it for the office party or a friends gathering, I wanted to give you some tips as to what you could make as your contribution.
A new twist on an old favourite!
Some of the most popular things to bring to a pot-luck are meat balls and deviled eggs!  Of course if you are currently dieting or keeping a close eye on your food intake, your reflex will almost assuredly be to prepare and bring a vegetable platter… don’t do it!!!  Leave it to someone else to pick up the veggie tray, someone always does.  Your job is to look out for protein!
I have often suggested that one of the best things to bring is a shrimp ring because:
1) people will love you for it (it makes you look really good – stock-up when they are on sale and keep them in your freezer… they also make a great offering when going to a house party… another popular theme at this time of year!), and
2) they insure that you will have a great, low fat protein! (use the Walden Farm Seafood Sauce…)
But if you are allergic to shellfish, here are a few more ideas… Deviled eggs… yes, you read correctly!  If you have tried the Walden Farm Mayo and thought, eeerk this is nasty… I can assure you that it is perfect in deviled eggs.  For one thing, you won’t taste it as the flavor of the eggs will completely override it… and second it is NO carbs and NO fat!!!  So whatever deviled-egg recipe has made you famous in the past can come alive again with the substitution of the mayo!
But let’s face it, the really popular item in a pot-luck is meatballs.  I play curling and when we have a pot-luck, we now have to list what we will bring in advance because one or two times, we ended up with five meatballs contributions.  So here is a recipe you can use and eat… sauce and all!!!
Meat & Veggi Meatballs
1 lb ground turkey or beef
2 egg whites
1/8 c. dried basil

1/2 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp paprika
1 tsp onion powder
1 1/2 tsp. minced garlic
3/4 cup grated zucchini
3/4 cup grated cauliflower
1/2 cup finely chopped mushrooms or spinach
Mix ingredients together, make into balls.  Place on non stick baking sheet & bake at 425 for 20 mins.
Sweet & sour Sauce
1/2 tbsp worcheshire sauce
1/2 cup water
4 tbsp. Walden Farms pancake syrup
1/4 cup tomato paste
1 tsp onion powder
Mix all ingredients, pour on meatballs and heat  Yum..Yum..

Throw some green peppers into a skillet, sauté, pour on the sweet & sour sauce and place the already cooked meatballs down in the sauce for a min. or two, and serve!

         A few parting words…

            If you are on Phase 1 or 2 of the IP protocol, remember that if the activity is at lunch, you can simply switch your dinner for your lunch and have your IP meal at dinner time.

If you are on maintenance, keep in mind that at this time of year, if you “party” and indulge at every occasion, you will get to Christmas eve with a few unwanted pounds.  So why not apply some smart planning to every outing or do.  Every calorie saved will add up!
Have a great rest of the week!  I will talk to you next Thursday for another throwback from our archives!
Coach Melanie  xox
and the coaching staff at Food-Wise!
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