Day 21 – Who’s the entertainment?

you remember Christmases when you were a kid? I don’t know about your
family but although my sister’s and my musical talents had yet to be
developed, our family still enjoyed singing at Christmas. Each member of
the family had their song and nobody needed to pry it out of them, they
sang it willingly. It was one of the highlights of the gatherings…

You’ve got talent… (YOU, not America, not Canada!)

If the weather keeps you inside this weekend and you

is funny how the time has passed and in many family gatherings,
including ours, we simply end up talking around the table but the
entertainment has subsided. The kids go to the family room and play
video games instead of board games, and they text their friends who are
in their respective families having their own Christmas gathering and
doing the exact same thing, playing video games…


my family, things too have changed since I was a kid. Today, my sister
is a full-on musician playing the organ and the guitar and she sings in
the locally renowned mega-choir called “Les chansonniers d’Ottawa”… my
daughter plays the guitar and the ukulele and sings with a voice that
makes the hairs on my arms stand right up it is so beautiful… and I
play several instruments and sing… and yet none of this comes to light
at our family gatherings.


mother and father would be the first to tell you that they miss the
music and can’t understand why it went away. Maybe it is because we run
through life and have so little down time to appreciate everyone’s
company so when we do get together we would rather talk than sing… we
need to spend real moments appreciating each other and understanding
each other… Believe me, I understand… but we must remember that our
kids will look back and all they will remember is that we sat around and
talked. Maybe that’s the reason why they leave the table and go play
video games.  


A quick anecdote…


August, my daughter came to spend a weekend at our trailer. On Saturday
night we went over to the neighbour’s camp fire with our guitars and
sang a few songs. Everyone was energized. My daughter’s voice awed
everyone and then she pushed the limits by doing something that really
impressed everyone… she did the cup song! (If you are a movie buff,
this is the Beca’s audition in the movie Pitch Perfect)
Well I was so impressed that I asked her to show me the moves… We
almost drove my husband crazy from all the practicing… but ah, the fun
we had!  


forward two weeks later when my husband and I attend our godson Jesse’s
18th birthday. After dinner, the teens are showing us dance moves and
videos when I pipe up and say “do you know the cup song?”… Well they
get really excited and Jesse goes to the kitchen to get three cups: one
for his girlfriend, one for his girlfriend’s sister and one for
himself… That’s when I say “hey, where’s my cup?”… You should have
seen the expression of surprise on everyone’s face! So off to the
kitchen he went and handed me a cup… All four of us did the cup song
together and it was a blast! Two generations tied together in the same


woke up this morning with this in mind and wanted to show you how to do
the cup song. If you have kids… teenagers especially, or young
adults… don’t worry, they know about the cup song! Imagine their
surprise when you suggest it and join in. You don’t need to have a great
voice (play the video in the back ground), you don’t need to play an
instrument either… all you need is a cup! Included here is everything
you need to learn, except the cup…LOL! There is a tutorial for you to learn the moves, the cover song so you get the moves with the music and the actual artist video of the song!

so what does this have to do with dieting and food? Everything! Have
you ever tried to sing and eat at the same time? What about play tap-tap
on a cup and eat at the same time… When you get absorbed in an
activity other than eating, the time passes and you stop focusing on the
things on the table that would taste great in your mouth, but that you
would regret eating the minute you swallowed! It only takes one person
to get the ball rolling and then others want to show you their talent
too… this is a time to create memories for your children… I bet you
they won’t forget this one!

Phase 4 tip…


There is no phase 4 tip here… Regardless of the phase you
are in, the above applies! Think back to your own childhood memories and
see what you remember most… When we went to my dad’s side of the
family, there was one cousin in particular… he never joined the kids
upstairs as we played bingo (it was the only game available), no this
cousin stayed downstairs and told jokes to the adult crowd (some weren’t
even appropriate for our/his age group)! How each of us wished we could
entertain the adults instead of playing bingo!

you are one of our readers who is in the process of deciding if this
January you will join our great family and our amazing program, maybe
you have done this program already and have been finished for over a
year or two even… Maybe you have kids or maybe you have grand-kids…
My goal here is simply to help you create a new setting around the
dining room table, one that focuses on something other than food!



Lise Hamilton-Carrière
Food-Wise Weight Loss

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