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Menopause & Weight Gain

Great! As if hot flashes aren’t enough, now you find yourself not exactly fitting into your clothes like you used to.  As the estrogen plummets and the androgen increases, your jeans could be fitting a little tighter.  It’s all totally normal but you don’t have to just live with it.

A large part of our clientele ( Become a client! ) have hit the time in their life when all of a sudden they seem to be gaining a little weight. What can you do?  

  1.  Review what your’re eating   Chances are, your body doesn’t need the amount of food that it used to need. Your metabolism is slowing and needing less.
  2.  Drink Water – Water is essential to weight loss and normal body function.  It’s recommended to drink 64 oz per day.  Not only does drinking water curb your appetite, it also combats fatigue due to dehydration.
  3.  Do you exercise?   Muscle loss, as we age, is very natural.  Increasing your muscle building exercises has many benefits, such as bone protection, strength and weight loss. No need to be pumping iron (although you may love it!), try swimming or yoga!
  4. Sleep  Sleep can be hard to maintain when your hormones are changing however sleep is very important for so many reasons.   The obvious reason is to feel rested, however,  more time awake leads to eating more and being tired prompts people to eat more as your body is seeking energy.
  5.  Seek Help & Support  Finding someone to support you through weight loss, with a plan can lead to very positive results.   At Food-Wise Weight Loss, we offer a medically developed plan and supportive coaching.  Working with women to get to a healthy weight and feel better.


~ Tressa Haney, Certified Coach

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Food-Wise Community

One of the upsides of the social media world we live in today is the ability to connect with each other.  We love a comment on our Facebook , Twitter or Instagram and emails we receive from clients past and present to update us on their life or just to say hello.  We really feel like a community.

Sharing information is key and social media is a perfect venue.   A before & after picture that a client shares can be  just the motivation that another client needed that day to keep going, a testimonial can be the catapult that gives someone the courage to start their weight loss journey and a new shared recipe could make the difference in someone staying on track!


We love the input you give us to share with the community.  We believe in the value of connecting with one another so much we’ve created a safe & private environment in a secret Facebook group to share one on one.  If you are our client and would like to join, email me your email address.

In the spirit of sharing, here is a recipe a client, Luc Lalonde sent to me along with his caption! Thanks Luc!

“So… last night, I had friends coming for dinner and this is what I made… and this is 99.9% IP approved! It was AMAZING!!!

BC snapper, oven cooked with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Pureed/mashed purple cauliflower

Sautéed zucchini, garlic, purple Brussels Sprout

Red pepper, basil and smoked paprika sauce.

It was full of flavour, full of taste and full healthy  woop woop.”


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October is here!

In like a lion, out like a lamb.

 Normally that phrase is reserved for the weather in March, however I think it could also describe the transition from summer to September.

At Food-Wise Weight Loss, we hit the ground running in September.  We were off to Toronto at the beginning of the month for the much anticipated Ideal Protein Super Weekend.  As a part of our commitment to our clients, we make it a priority to attend.  It’s a chance for collaboration with other coaches, enhancing our skills and knowledge with the medical panel  and finding out about new products.

Ideal Protein has released a new  technology called Ideal Smart Platform.

Pictured: Scale, app, arm band
Ideal Smart Platform

The platform is designed to give dieters more information and to be able to track information on their smart phones.  Information is power!  The trio pictured above consists of a Fitness Band, App and Scale.  They are all linked together via Bluetooth to help you see the full picture.

The Ideal Smart app is available for free wherever you download your apps.  You can track your food, supplements and water, use the  bar code scanner & when you weigh in at your clinic – your weight, hydration and body fat % syncs to the app!

The fitness band tracks your steps, how many minutes you’ve been active, distance you walk and calories burned.   At night, you change to sleep mode and the band tracks your sleep! You can sync the band to your app as well to get a full picture of your day.

The scale and fitness band can be purchased from Food-Wise Weight Loss.  Ask your coach!

October is a gorgeous month and the harvests are plentiful.  Enjoy the farm markets, crisp mornings and Thanksgiving.